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Hyperia AI Meeting Assistant

Hyperia is an AI assistant for your calls and meetings. It records, transcribes, summarizes, and highlights the moments that matter so you can focus on what’s most important. Go beyond simple call recording and build a searchable knowledge base from your meetings with Hyperia as your automatic AI notetaker.

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Call bot joins any meeting

AI assistant automatically joins any video call including Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams. Record and transcribe conversations with an AI bot that joins meetings on your calendar as your AI notetaker.

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Automatic note taker

AI note taker uses speech recognition to create automatic meeting minutes and searchable transcripts, enabling you to get up to speed. Review and understand what happened in any meeting.

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Collaborate with comments and clip sharing

No more meetings about meetings; seamless knowledge transfer with comments, clips, and playlists. Integrates with Slack and other popular tools.

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Track critical events with rules and automations

Alert your team when key events happen inside conversations with powerful rules and automations. Label calls, redact sensitive information, and create alerts.

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Find patterns with conversational intelligence

Voice analytics enable you to segment conversations, explore interactions with contacts, and find subject matter experts. Leverage aggregate reports, perform trend analysis, and more.

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Your conversations are getting lost in translation

Make sense of your conversational data with Hyperia's AI meeting intelligence platform

Hyperia for Hiring

Reduce time to offer by getting everyone on the same page with clips direct from the candidate's voice

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Hyperia for Research

Discover patterns and collect data direct from the primary source

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Hyperia for Sales

Explore talk tracks that close deals and understand what customers are saying

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What our customers are saying.

“Hyperia helped us gain transparency across our sales funnel, providing insight on what was working and areas of improvement. It's helped our reps stay on message and close more deals.”

Rana Gheissari
VP of Partnerships

“Hyperia has helped us align our team around client needs and ensure we don't miss any critical details about their configuration or tech stack. It's also an excellent tool for capturing case studies and customer testimonials.”

Phil Supinski

“Hyperia has been a massive help in transferring information across our organization. Our engineers and UX team can listen to the exact words the customer used in a self-service way. I no longer need to jump on a call and explain the issue to them. Hyperia is a huge time saver for us.”

Christina Fountain
Sr. Product Manager

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