The Hyperia team was founded in 2017, with the mission to make company communications better.

The team saw that speech recognition and other AI technologies were achieving accuracy levels that opened up entirely new use cases. They proceeded to build an end-to-end deep technology stack to extract value from business conversations while also meeting the security needs of their customers. The Hyperia solution is a result of combining the decades of experience in enterprise security, speech AI, natural language processing and computer vision.

We're excited to announce Hyperia's most recent institutional investment round co-lead by Access Ventures.


Hyperia has partnered with Access Venture Partners, one of the longest-running and most reputable VC firms in Colorado.

Founded in 1999, Access Venture Partners invests in early-stage technology companies with a passion for helping entrepreneurs build phenomenal fast-growing businesses. We have invested in over 65 companies that have collectively raised over $1 billion in equity capital and employ nearly 4,000 people and growing.

Access has invested in the last two company's Elliot Turner has founded. In addition to Hyperia, Access was the lead institutional investor in AlchemyAPI.