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Agent Intelligence

Realtime Guidance to Help Agents Stay on Track

Help your reps get up to speed, improve, and increase productivity with smart checklists that keep agents on track and post-call automation that sends commitments and next steps to your system of record.

AI Assistant for Agent Success

Increase agent productivity

Automatically update Support platforms, CRMs and task management software with call summaries, commitments, decisions and next steps.

Guide reps to success

Provide reps and agents with smart checklists that help keep messaging focused and relevant.

Measure improvement over time

Use conversational analytics to understand performance and trends for each client facing employee

Realtime Transcription

Realtime Agent Insights

- Streaming audio to call transcripts and automated annotations
- Smart checklists that help reps stay on track
- Realtime alerts when escalation is required

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Conversational Analytics

Analytics that provide the visibility you need

-Analyze rep talk time, longest monologue, topics covered, screens shared, and the number of calls per week.
- Convert automated annotations into call scorecards to help understand where you need to look.
- Look across reps to see what's working and where to improve.

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Seamless Recording

AI note taker joins any meeting

AI assistant automatically joins any video call including Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams. Record and transcribe conversations with an AI bot that joins meetings on your calendar as your AI notetaker.

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