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Conversational Intelligence for Developers

Conversational intelligence APIs to help you capture, transcribe and enrich your voice and text communications.

How it Works

A Conversational AI Engine

Frictionless Capture and Ingestion

Connect Hyperia to an existing audio or video stream, walk through a directory of recordings, or set up the automated Notetaker. Whatever modality you choose, we've got you covered.

Realtime Transcription and Insights

Make meetings actionable and accessible with real-time data that includes: transcription, custom trackers, key event highlights, topics, sentiment and sentence type.

A Full Suite AI Enrichments

In addition to a transcription engine that includes speaker separation and speaker ID, Hyperia extracts topics, entities, shared screens, sentiment, sentence types, and over 40 conversation-specific annotations.

Call Scoring and Analysis

Use the AI enrichment stack and call metadata to automate call scorecards, track KPIs over time, launch and measure strategic initiatives, and discover coachable moments.

Post-Call Summaries and Conversational Analytics

Send call summaries, extracted call clips, shared screen captures, and call analytics to your users, empowering them with the information they need to meet their commitments and collaborate with their team.

Search and Query APIs

Decrease the effort of integration by leveraging query APIs that enable users to find the moments that matter, discover similar conversations, and preview the contents of a video without having to view it.

For Video Conferencing and Voice Platforms

Enable Live Captions and Insights

- Realtime captions, topics, and highlights
- Post-call summaries and insights
- Powerful Search and Discovery
- Screen-share analysis

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For CRMs and Revenue Operations

Enrich Your CRM and RevOps With Signal From Conversations

- Call scoring and conversational analytics
- Post AI-generated meeting minutes as a call recap
- Visibility into every stakeholder to understand deal risk
- Create alerts and notifications for critical moments

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For Support and Call Centers

Integrate Conversational Data Into Your Call Center

- Easily ingest and enrich voice from Twilio, Nexmo, or chat content
- Automatically score agent calls and track improvement over time
- Get realtime alerts of client frustration or issues that require immediate attention
- Generate support tickets direct from the customer's voice

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For Applicant Tracking and Hiring

Augment Your ATS With Conversational Intelligence

- Populate score cards and take aways with interview clips
- Post interview summaries to the ATS
- Set customized trackers that trigger off interview questions

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Getting Started is Easy

Supercharge your customer understanding and engagement with Hyperia