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How to Make Capturing Customer Testimonials a Walk in the Park

Capturing customer testimonials is a challenging multi-step process. Using a service like Hyperia can help you turn everyday conversations into authentic customer quotes.

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By Rob
January 22nd, 2021

In a world where most client interactions are virtual, building client trust is hard. Customer testimonials can provide the social proof that builds the trust needed to help close that next sale. Capturing that perfect testimonial can be quite challenging, requiring a cross-department effort from marketing and customer success, but perhaps even more costly is the client's active participation in the process.

The typical testimonial process is multi-step. It starts by asking your customer success rep to help you identify healthy clients. Then you need to schedule an interview with the client, outline questions that yield a good response, and make sense of what they said to generate a high-quality quote. Once you have the client quote, you need approvals from all the stakeholders. There has to be an easier way.

The good news is that Hyperia can help you get that testimonial without all the friction. 

Your customer success team is talking with clients every day. Despite the CSM's best effort to take copious notes, the essence of the conversation is missing. Instead of losing these client communications, have your CSM record their Zoom meetings and sync them to Hyperia. Once the success team has a collection of recordings, you can create a rule to flag keywords and events that might be a good testimonial. Hyperia takes care of the heavy lifting from here, creating a list of short clips to review. 

Once you find that perfect testimonial, the next step is to copy the quote from the transcript and email the client for approval. The new process is so much less disruptive for your client. Previously you were asking for a 30-minute interview and back and forth for quote approval. Now you're sending over a direct transcription asking if you have permission to post the testimonial on your website—an easy yes for your client.

Speaking of customer testimonials, here is one from a Hyperia user: 

"With Hyperia, we captured several customer testimonials without overt effort. We just processed our client debrief calls with Hyperia's AI engine and captured testimonials through natural conversations. The process was nearly effortless, and the quote was authentic and genuine." 

- Rana Gheissari, VP of Partnerships at Stellar Reviews

Our goal at Hyperia is to turn customer conversations into insights, enabling you to understand your customer needs and optimize the client journey. If you're interested in using Hyperia to extract insights from client conversations, sign up for our closed Beta. 

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