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Artificial Intelligence is a set of transformational technologies that touch many aspects of our daily lives. As these technologies continue to improve, they will play an even more critical role in the world around us. As we design the AI solutions of the future, it's imperative to have compassion and understanding of the individual. At Hyperia, we use a guiding principle that we call People+.

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By Rob
January 5th, 2021

People+ : Design AI to eliminate drudgery and enhance the ability of the individual. 

At Hyperia, we put people at the center of our universe; our goal is to empower them to work smarter and be more productive. By eliminating menial work, we reduce cognitive leaks and free-up mental resources, giving people the capacity to solve higher-order problems.

In most Workplaces, a person's day-to-day is full of unnecessary tasks that drain precious cognitive resources. Modern work often suffers from back-to-back meetings, information overload, and death by a thousand SaaS apps. The status quo is chaos, and bad habits usually take form. These include: showing up to meetings unprepared, searching across apps for relevant information during a conversation, jotting down incoherent notes, scheduling a meeting to discuss a previous meeting. These habits are exhausting and can completely drain a person's energy leaving no room for higher-order thinking.

We are building solutions that help eliminate the drudgery of the non-stop meeting cycle and make room for creative thinking and more meaningful interactions. With recent advances in AI, our machines can now listen, see, and speak. Now, a computer can transcribe a meeting, extract bits of importance, and push them to the apps we use every day. The record of the conversation is digital and easy to share, eliminating the transactional cost of communicating with non-attendees. The computer also indexes the content making it easy to retrieve the most relevant information exactly when you need it. We can now have a perfect memory of previous interactions and can scale ourselves by easily sharing conversations with others.

Hyperia puts an AI into the flow of company communications, augmenting the modern worker, giving them the freedom to focus on the moment.

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