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Hyperia Product Updates

Hyperia has seen many updates over the past month, as we continue to expand the capabilities of our AI meeting assistant and automatic note taker. In this article, we'll touch upon several features we're excited about, including Hyperia's new Call Bot, analysis view, aggregate topic pages, and clip creation interface.

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By Rob
September 6th, 2021

Our team has been very busy over the past month, adding all sorts of new capabilities to the Hyperia AI meeting assistant and automatic note taker. Read on to discover some of the new features we're particularly excited about:

Hyperia AI Notetaker Call Bot

Did you forget to click the record button again? No problem, the Hyperia AI Notetaker has you covered; connect your calendar, and our AI Call Bot automatically (1) joins your meetings as a participant (2) records the conversation, (3) ingests it into the Hyperia engine.

The Hyperia AI Call Bot is extremely flexible, with configuration controls that enable you to choose which meetings it attends.

Call Analysis View

Our new call "Analysis" dashboard segments speakers into internal and external participants so you can quickly decipher who talked about what. We display call highlights with key topics and tags that let you dive into the exact moment an event occurred.

The Hyperia AI assistant also identifies monologues, shining a light on important parts of the conversation. Commenting has also been integrated into this view, making it easy to collaborate with your team on important parts of a call.

Aggregate Topic Tracker Views

No one has time to dig into every call. We want aggregate insights. Now it's easy to check in on how often something comes up on calls, who mentioned it, what they said, and co-occurring topics that come up alongside your competitor.

We've also added a time filter so you can see if the topic is trending up or down. Easily track competitor mentions, person or product names, industry terms or acronyms, and more.

New Video Clip Creation Interface

Creating clips and sharing is an essential part of the collaborative experience. Video clips help your team get on the same page in a few seconds. Now the clip creation process is streamlined with clipping in the timeline and on the video tab.

Other Notable Features

  • New Guided Quick-start enables easy set up of the Hyperia AI Note taker.

  • Mobile signup lets you join and setup Hyperia from your phone

  • Many other UX and performance improvements across the app

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more Hyperia updates! We have a bunch of really exciting new features and capabilities in the works.

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