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The Value of AI Meeting Capture in Engineering Teams

Engineering meetings are often a source of important decisions and discussions. However, too often these discussions are not documented which leads to knowledge gaps and poor knowledge transfer. Learn how AI capture of engineering meetings solves this problem by capturing and indexing important discussions and decisions.

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By Elliot
July 21st, 2021

A typical engineering meeting consists of engineers discussing some sort of design or prototype. These meetings will often last around an hour and will have discussions about many aspects of the design such as costs, development issues, or production difficulties. It is not uncommon for an engineer to mention an idea and then, due to time constraints, this idea never gets discussed in the meeting and a design change is never considered. Without a proper meeting capture solution, these ideas will be forgotten leading to lost opportunities for the business.

AI Transcription and Indexing Overview

Automatic meeting capture and transcription captures all discussions in a meeting so that engineers can review previous interactions around a topic or decision and create the best outcome. Indexing and search of transcribed recordings transforms your company's meetings into a knowledge base, sort of an 'automatically constructed wikipedia' of decisions made in your company and how you got there. This knowledge base provides the ability to go back and review previous decisions made. The knowledge base can also be annotated to note important information or new ideas that were generated. 

How Meeting Capture Works

Capturing meetings automatically involves deploying a call or meeting recording platform that records and transcribes audio automatically. The platform needs to be able to understand the important points of a meeting and focus on those points to generate a transcript. This solution must integrate with the team's calendar to determine if the meeting needs to be recorded and transcribed.

Some challenges that you might face when implementing this solution include finding a solution that supports multiple videoconferencing platforms. It is also important to find a solution that provides accurate transcriptions. Hyperia offers a solution to solve these problems by providing automatic AI transcription with a simple user interface and advanced analytics. Hyperia's machine learning models allow the platform to understand the important parts of a meeting and focus on those parts to generate a useful summary. 

Why Summarization Matters

It is important that a meeting capture solution generate more than verbatim transcripts of what was said in the meeting. A system should employ summarization and other AI technologies to transform the raw transcript into something more useful and meaningful. For example, a powerful AI system can utilize natural language processing to extract key ideas from the meeting and summarize the important decisions and discussions. These summaries allow the user to focus on the most important parts of the meeting and review them in more detail if necessary. Hyperia's system provides summarization as part of its AI transcription functionality.

Thoughts on Accuracy

An important consideration in any transcription system is the accuracy of the transcriptions. A transcript must be accurate, as inaccurate transcriptions will lead to incorrect information in the knowledge base. It is also important to maintain a level of confidence that the transcript is accurate. Hyperia's transcribed recordings have one of the highest levels of accuracy among call and meeting transcription services.

Managing Large Numbers of Recordings

Managing all of these recordings can become a large administrative burden for your team. Automatic AI transcription recording solutions are designed to solve this problem by managing all recording and transcription activities for your team. The system provides notification of upcoming meetings that will be recorded as well as the ability to archive old recordings. Hyperia provides workspace, tag and 'virtual folder' file management, with fine-grained access control and team collaboration features. Automation features enable automatic tagging, editing, redaction, copy, and moving of recordings based on rules.

Avoiding Knowledge Gaps

When implementing an AI call and meeting capture solution it is important to ensure that the system records all important meetings that your team is having. Failure to capture all meetings will cause knowledge gaps that lead to poor knowledge transfer. Good coverage of captured meetings can be accomplished by leveraging calendar sync in Hyperia’s recording platform to automatically attend and record any meetings in your team’s calendar.

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