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Extract Insights, Score Calls and Distribute Data

Workflow automations that trigger on what was said in the call

Don't let communication fall through the cracks. Automatically extract next actions and other pertinent information that you can use to score calls and track KPIs. Connect structured data to your business systems and enrich your business tools with conversational insights.

Eliminate Drudgery with Workflow Automation

Gain visibility into your conversations

Use Hyperia annotations to extract client sentiment, winning talk tracks, and strategic initiatives from your calls and meetings.

Measure and track indicators for success

Leverage structured metadata to generate trackable KPIs and develop call scoring rubrics, enabling you to take immediate action in critical moments.

Integrate conversational data flows to your apps

Any connection is possible ... send action items to your task manager, KPIs to your BI tools, call summaries to your CRM, generate email reports, SMS alerts, and more.

For CRMs and Revenue Operations

Enrich Your CRM and RevOps With Signal From Conversations

- Call scoring and conversational analytics
- Track KPIs and new strategic initiatives
- Post AI-generated meeting minutes as a call recap
- Visibility into every stakeholder to understand deal risk

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For Support and Call Centers

Integrate Conversational Data Into Your Call Center

- Easily ingest and enrich voice from Twilio, Nexmo, or chat content
- Automatically score agent calls and track improvement over time
- Get realtime alerts of client frustration or issues that require immediate attention
- Generate support tickets direct from the customer's voice

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For Applicant Tracking and Hiring

Augment Your ATS With Conversational Intelligence

- Populate score cards and take aways with interview clips
- Post interview summaries to the ATS
- Set customized trackers that trigger off interview questions

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For Customer Success Software

Power up Your Success Software with Meeting AI

- Perfect onboarding with accurate customer profiles
- Identify client needs, risks, and opportunities
- Capture the voice of the customer
- Stay up to date with summaries sent to the success platform

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