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Record, transcribe and analyze your sales conversations

Conversational Intelligence for Your CRM and RevOps

Ensure that every customer's voice is heard by capturing signals from client conversations and integrating insights into your CRM And Revenue Operations platforms. Hyperia's AI engine turns conversations into insights by recording, transcribing, enriching, and summarizing voice and text communication.

Call Scoring and Analysis

Score Calls and Track Improvement Over Time

Use the AI enrichment stack and call metadata to automate call scorecards, track KPIs over time, launch and measure strategic initiatives, and identify risk.

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Post Call Insights

Keep Everyone on the Same Page with Call Recaps

Automatically send call summaries, extracted call clips, shared screen captures, and highlights to your systems of truth, empowering them with the information they need when they need it.

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Search and Discovery

Find the Moment You Are Looking for with Powerful Search

Advanced search enables you to easily explore your transcribed conversations.
- Explore by topic, speaker, positive or negative sentiment, and more.
- NLP that identifies questions, concerns, suggestions, enabling you to mine insights from your calls and meetings.
- Discover new points of interest with co-occurring topics

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