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Customer Intelligence

Gain Transparency Into Every Client Interaction

Hyperia is an AI assistant that captures, transcribes and analyzes your sales calls. Helping you discover winning talk tracks and bring a personal touch to every deal.

AI Sales Assistant

Enrich your CRM with better data

Automatically send meeting minutes and call meta data to your CRM after the call.

Know what’s working and identify risks

Find winning talk-tracks, track implementations for new strategies and discover deal risks that could affect the outcome.

Identify the influential stakeholders in every deal

Access a new ground-truth of every stakeholder with highlights of their questions, concerns, and influence on the sale

Realtime highlights

Actionable Meeting Intelligence in Realtime

- Hyperia's AI highlights the most critical moments in real-time, providing visual feedback of action items, decisions, risks and more
- Combine out-of-the-box highlights such as action items and decisions with fully customized annotations to track the most pertinent events

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Conversational Analytics

Conversational analytics that highlight key events and topics

- Analyze rep talk time, longest monologue, topics covered, screens shared, and the number of calls per week.
- Convert automated annotations into call scorecards to help understand where you need to look.
- Look across reps to see what's working and where to improve.

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Post Call Insights

Keep Everyone on the Same Page with Call Recaps

Automatically send call summaries, extracted call clips, shared screen captures, and highlights to your systems of truth, empowering them with the information they need when they need it.

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Check out the Hyperia blog

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