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Getting Started

A Conversational Intelligence Engine

Hyperia is an AI platform that helps companies transform voice and text conversations into insight and action. We offer both live streaming APIs and post conversation analysis for both text and chat.

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Hyperia captures intent and tracks custom insights enabling alerts, paths to escalation and deep conversational analytics.

Everything in these demos was created using the publicly available APIs that include speech to text with speaker separation, intent tackers/highlights, topics, sentiment, dialog labels. These are fully customizable and can natively integrate into any application.

How Hyperia Works

Hyperia reduces friction across every step of the AI Assistant pipeline. An example flow could look something like this:

  1. Triggered by the ingestion API, the Hyperia Notetaker robot joins a video conference call as a participant and records the meeting. View other ingestion options

  2. The recorded conversation is sent to the AI processing pipeline that: transcribes the audio, converts shared screens into text, extracts topics, generates meeting minutes, and more. View the complete list of AI extractions

  3. The video recording, the conversation transcript, and the call metadata is stored in a searchable index.

  4. Query APIs are exposed to the development team enabling many transcription and conversational intelligence use cases. 

Why Hyperia?

There are several speech-to-text transcription providers in the market today, but a premium AI Assistant experience requires much more than a call transcript. Hyperia delivers on the complete feature set needed to turn voice meetings into conversational intelligence.

  • Automated call recording: While it may sound trivial, remembering to record a meeting is a challenge for most call participants. When the act of recording is automatic, capturing the meeting is assured.

  • AI enrichments that deliver insights: The purpose of generating a call transcription is to enable users to navigate to the moments that matter without rewatching the entire recording. AI-generated meeting minutes are an excellent way to recap the meeting events, while topics, entities, concepts, and sentiment are ways to navigate to points of interest.

  • Out-of-the-box conversational intelligence: Most AI APIs return a file with your transcript and some metadata. As a developer, you still have to index the data, host the video, write queries, and more. Hyperia takes care of the heavy lifting for you. We host the video, index your file, and expose a variety of queries to deliver transcripts and insights, enabling your team to build conversational intelligence with minimal DevOps.

  • Live streaming and alerting: Take immediate action with streaming results that post action items, customer questions, or custom intents that send alerts and get the right people involved before it's too late.

  • Custom trackers: Conversations happen all around us. Our ability to make sense of them is predicated on the things we are tracking. While Hyperia automatically tracks topics mentioned, we recognize that your needs are unique; this is why we've built custom trackers that annotate the data to suit your needs.

  • Workflow automation: Making sure the correct metadata is on your files is critical to generating insights; grouping and filtering is impossible without it. Hyperia can automate labeling conversations into groups so you can segment conversations by title, customer, and more.

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