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Quickstart Tutorial

Setting up an Environment

Let's get started!

Before you can start calling the Hyperia APIs you'll need to Register for an API key.

Once you've created an API key, download an SDK (or, if you are planning on making REST calls directly, you may skip the SDK and leverage our REST API documentation as your reference).

Explore a Public Workspace

Workspaces are used to encapsulate all operations in the Hyperia universe, including uploading and analyzing media files, searching conversations, performing data aggregations, and so on.

To enable you to quickly explore what Hyperia can do, we have created several Public Content Workspaces which can be used in conjunction with our search, metadata retrieval, and data aggregation APIs.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the core concepts around Hyperia's APIs, workspaces, and our AI enrichment data format, you can start creating and using your own private workspaces. This will enable you to begin leveraging the programmable AI Notetaker, uploading content for analysis, and more.

Try Some Code Samples

Hyperia's SDKs offer code samples for all major API operations. Once you have created an API key, these code samples can easily be executed from the command-line to provide examples of how the API can be used.

Code samples worth checking out include: