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The Hyperia API is served from the following primary host endpoint:


API Keys

The Hyperia API uses API keys to authenticate requests. You can view and manage your Hyperia API keys via our API Dashboard.

Your API keys enable access to ingested documents and recording data, the ability to control your API notetaker, and many other important functions, so keep them safe! Do not share your API keys online, post them in GitHub or other source control projects, or share them with others. If one of your API keys becomes compromised, use our API Dashboard to revoke it as soon as possible.

API key security is provided via an apikey HTTP header. Please append this header with the value specifying your API key with any requests submitted to the Hyperia API.

All requests made to the Hyperia API must be made via HTTPS. Any requests submitted via unencrypted HTTP will be automatically rejected.

To obtain an API key, please take the following steps:

  1. Sign up using this form: Register for an API Key

  2. We'll generate a unique key on your behalf and send it to you for usage

If you're looking for additional details or have questions, please contact