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Searching Conversations


Hyperia stores and indexes analyzed meetings and uploaded media files in a searchable online index. APIs are provided for performing aggregate search operations against uploaded files. A variety of search filter mechanisms (keyword, speaker, datetime, topic, intent/action tag, etc) are provided.

Searches transcripts of conversations in a workspace. Both utterance (keyword, speaker) and document-level (document title, date-time, etc) filters may be used when performing search operations.



HTTP Method:


URI Parameters:

Name Parameter
workspace_id ID of workspace to search

PUT JSON Payload:

Name Parameter
utterance_phrase_match An array of one or more search terms (unigram or multigram phrase queries)

Document-level filters may also be leveraged when performing this operation. Supported search filters are described here.


If successful: HTTP 200

Return Payload:

  	"status": "ok",
	"results": [
		"about": {
		  "labels": [
			  "label_id": "GUID_OF_LABEL",
			  "label_name": "NAME_OF_LABEL"
		"speakers": [
		  "id": "GUID_OF_SPEAKER",
		  "name": "NAME_OF_SPEAKER"
		"utterances": [
			"speaker": {
			  "id": "SPEAKER_GUID",
			  "name": "SPEAKER_NAME"
			"transcript": "TRANSCRIPT_TEXT"

Code Sample:

from hyperia import Hyperia
import sys

workspace_id = "SOME_WORKSPACE_ID"

search_phrase = "SOME SEARCH PHRASE"

hyperia = Hyperia()

// optional filter
filters['title_phrase_match'] = "SOME_TITLE_FILTER"

response = hyperia.workspace_search_transcript(workspace_id, search_phrase, 

if not response:

results = response['results']

for result in results:
	print(f"{about['description']}: {len(about['utterances'])} matches")

Supported Search Filters

Hyperia's various search APIs provide the ability to filter on a variety of utterance and document-level fields in your data. Listed below are currently supported search fields:

Name Description
utterance_phrase_match_list Array of strings, where each string is a unigram or multigram (phrase) search.
topic_list Array of topics to match against. Array is applied as an OR query (only one topic in the array must match)
date_range Date constraint object. Contains: "time_zone": "+01:00", "gte": "YYYY-MM-DD", "lte": "YYYY-MM-DD"
time_range Time constraint object. Contains: "time_zone": "+01:00", "gte": "HH:MM:SS-0600", "lte": "HH:MM:SS-0600"
speaker_list Array of speaker IDs. Results will be restricted to documents containing at least one of the specified speaker IDs.
tag_id_list Array of tag IDs. Results will be restricted to documents containing at least one of the specified tags.
doc_id_list Array of document IDs. Results will be restricted to documents matching one of the specified IDs.

These fields may be specified when using the Hyperia Transcript Search and Aggregation APIs.