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Ensure your customers are being heard

Conversational Intelligence for Customer Success

Identify client needs, risks, and opportunities with Hyperia's AI Assistant. Our conversational intelligence solution captures and highlights critical client interactions and integrates them into your existing CS software stack.

Post Call Insights

Perfect onboarding experiences

Eliminate risk and friction in customer onboarding with a clear understanding of the customer’s previous interactions.
- AI highlights of sales calls, eliminating hand-off friction
- Call summaries, extracted call clips and screen share sent to your team

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Conversational Analytics

Identify client needs, risks, and opportunities

Track and get notified of key events and take proactive measures that improve customer outcomes.
- Use the AI enrichment stack and call metadata to track KPIs over time, and identify churn risk before it's too late
- Track buying signals and opportunities for upsell

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Search and Discovery

Find the Moment You Are Looking for with Powerful Search

Advanced search enables you to easily explore your transcribed conversations.
- Explore by topic, speaker, positive or negative sentiment, and more.
- NLP that identifies questions, concerns, suggestions, enabling you to mine insights from your calls and meetings.
- Discover new points of interest with co-occurring topics

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Clip Sharing

Capture coachable moments

Create clip playlists of tagged events directly from the primary source to enable your team to share and learn from the most memorable moments.

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