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CRM Integrations

Supported Integrations

Before the Meeting - Automatic Contact Creation

Hyperia helps companies generate complete CRM data. Once connected, the service will:

  • Use calendar information to create missing contacts and companies, providing complete coverage of the customer engagement.

  • Automatically assigns the contact or company owner based on the meeting lead

  • Post the scheduled calendar event into the contact and company activity feed

After the Meeting - Automated Activity Logging

Save time and effort with automated log call reports. Hyperia will:

  • Automatically update the meeting event with call participants, talk times, and a call summary

  • Post a link back to the recording so your team can hear the conversation in the customer's voice

Revenue Intelligence

Understand customer conversations in relation to your deals (currently only HubSpot)

  • Hyperia imports deal data from your CRM, enabling you to view it on the Company page next to customer engagement and talk time.

  • See the Deal pipeline by team members and a breakdown of each company and deal they are working on