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Connecting Hyperia to Salesforce

What does the Salesforce Integration do?

Syncing your Salesforce CRM to Hyperia will automate activity logging and sync CRM data to your Hyperia account so your team can view deals information with the context of customer conversations. 

CRM Automation Features

  1. Hyperia creates contact and company records in Salesforce from your recorded meetings and scheduled calendar events.

  2. Hyperia logs calls and meetings into Salesforce (both scheduled in your calendar and recorded with Hyperia).

  3. After a meeting is recorded, Hyperia updates the Salesforce meeting event with participants, talk-time, a meeting summary, and a link back to the full transcript and recording. 

Connecting the Salesforce Integration

Connecting your Salesforce CRM to Hyperia is fast and easy. 

(Note you must be an admin in your Hyperia organization to connect this feature) 

  1. Login in to your account at and navigate to your profile view in the upper right corner.

  1. Choose Shared Integrations; this will take you to the organization-wide integrations page.

  1. Click connect on the Salesforce card, bringing up the Salesforce authorization window.

  2. Accept the Salesforce permissions, and Hyperia will connect to your CRM and starts syncing data.

    NOTE: Depending on how much data is stored in your CRM, Hyperia may take several minutes to fully sync.

Controlling Contact and Company Creation

Any client-facing team engages with a variety of stakeholders throughout the customer journey. Many of these contacts often don't end up in the CRM. Hyperia ensures your CRM data is complete by adding missing contacts and company records to Salesforce from your calendar events and recorded calls and meetings.

This setting is enabled by default but can be disabled. When disabled, Hyperia will only update contact and company records that already exist in the CRM.

Controlling Data Sync to Salesforce

It is important to take a few moments to adjust your settings only to sync the customer conversations that you want included in your CRM. Hyperia provides several ways to control what data gets sent to Salesforce.

  1. External calls only. If you are using Hyperia for internal meetings and client-facing calls, enabling this setting will ensure that we only send external meetings to your Salesforce CRM.

  2. Choose which contacts sync data. It may be desirable to configure which users in your team are sending their meetings to your CRM. Click this option to choose which Hyperia users will send their data to Salesforce.

  1. Exclude companies from syncing. There might be a private business deal or sensitive client that you don't want sent to the CRM. Add a domain to the list, and we'll exclude any conversations getting synced.

Configuring Who Can Review Recordings

By default, Hyperia will post a link to the recording and transcript that anyone can view, makng it easy for any Hyperia member to review the call since they don't need a Hyperia account. If this option is disabled, Hyperia will post links that require a viewer to sign into a Hyperia account and have access to the recording within Hyperia.