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Connecting Hyperia to Shortcut

What does the Shortcut Integration do?

Hyperia will create a story in Shortcut whenever a configured flag is triggered in a conversation.  

Here are a few example scenarios where this might help. 

  • A product owner is in standup; someone mentions a bug that needs to get fixed. Clicking on "Something Broken" in the real-time panel will create a story in Shortcut with the details of the conversation.¬†

  • A sales rep is demo'ing to a client, and there is an issue; Hyperia hears about the bug and automatically creates a story in Shortcut.¬†

  • A success rep is on a QBR, and the client brings up a feature request; this triggers Hyperia to create a story in Shortcut.¬†

Connecting Hyperia to Shortcut

  1. Navigate to Settings/Integrations in your Hyperia settings menu. 

  1. Find Shortcut

  2. Click Connect 

  1. Get an API token from Shortcut (see below for instructions on how to find your API token)

  2. Paste in your API token and Click Connect

  3. Once connected, choose which board you want the stories to get created

  1. Add or remove tags that create stories in Shortcut (Active Tags)

How to find your API token in Shortcut

  1. Log into Shortcut

  2. Click on your profile in the bottom left corner and go to settings

  1. Once in settings, Navigate to API Tokens from the left nav

  1. Name your key - i.e., "Hyperia Integration"

  2. Click Generate Token

  3. Copy the Token 

  1. Go back to Hyperia and paste in the token

Configuring Active Tags

Active tags are the tags that generate a story in Shortcut when they are triggered.

You can add or remove tags from the list. For example, maybe you want a tag called "Bug" to generate a story in Shortcut. Click on Add Tag and choose it from the list.

Remove the tag at any time to have it stop creating stories when triggered.

Choosing how an active tag gets triggered

There are three ways that a conversation gets tagged. 

  1. During the call - A Hyperia user using the real-time panel clicks on a tag during a call. 

  1. After the call - A Hyperia user highlights a section of text and tags a clip or comment. 

  1. The Hyperia AI assistant has a tracker set to watch for a particular sentence type and automatically tags the conversation with the appropriate tag.

You can choose which author creates stories on your shortcut board in your settings menu. 

  • If you only want tags created by people, switch off tags created by Hyperia AI

  • If you want only want tags created by the AI, switch off tags created by people