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Connecting Hyperia to Slack


Connect Hyperia to Slack to share customer clips and collaborate around any client interaction. The Hyperia Slack integration enables you to:

  • Collaborate with your team and get Slack notifications when your team creates a comment in Hyperia

  • Stay updated on client conversations. Hyperia posts call summaries when new content gets added to the shared Hyperia collection

  • Receive alerts when your call is ready and processed

  • Invite Slack users to Hyperia with one-click invites

Connecting Slack to your Hyperia Organization

Note: You must be a Hyperia Organization Admin to connect Slack for your team.

  • In your Hyperia account, Navigate to Organization Integrations under your profile

  • Click Connect to Slack

  • Authorize the Hyperia to your Slack Workspace

  • Start collaborating with your team

Posting Hyperia comments to Slack

  • Highlight text on the transcript or summary tabs to bring up the options toolbar

  • Click Note to create a note

  • (optional) Adjust the clip size

  • The Slack badge on the comment shows which channel it gets posted to. Optionally, you can disable posting their comment to Slack on a per-message basis.

  • Once the comment is posted in Hyperia, it will show up in Slack as a notification.

Adjusting Slack Notifications

  • Navigate to Workspace Settings

  • Select the Notifications tab to select several options

  • Turn on/off all Slack notifications

  • Change the Slack channel where Hyperia notifications get posted

  • Turn on/off notifications for when a call is uploaded to the channel

  • Turn on/off notifications when a call is moved or copied to the channel

  • Turn on/off notifications when someone posts a comment or replies

Inviting Slack users to Hyperia with one Click

  • In your Hyperia account, Navigate to Organization/Team Management under your profile

  • Choose the Invite via Slack tab

  • Invite members from your Slack organization to Hyperia with a single click

  • All Slack invites will populate the user short name and profile image to match Slack

Assigning a Channel to post Hyperia Notifications

  • Navigate to Organization/Manage Workspaces under your profile

  • Click the three dot icon for the collection you want to edit.

  • Choose edit Slack channel

  • Select the Slack channel to send Hyperia notifications