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Collaboration and Sharing

Sharing Recordings

Keeping your team up to speed on the information being shared in your voice communications and meetings is one of the key features of Hyperia. Whenever you are dealing with internal data privacy will also be an important concern, and your Notetaker’s flexible settings allow you to choose who views each recording, transcript and call clip.

 Keep high level meeting recording levels private to a small circle of key players, and share more general meetings with the whole team. Generate links that allow you to share non sensitive calls with anyone, inside or outside of the organization.

Sharing Calls With Team Members via Workspaces

The easiest way to share calls with team members is via Workspaces. While a new workspace will be by default private, it can also be shared with any members of your Hyperia organization you choose. These team members will be able to see, comment on, and annotate any recordings in this specific workspace.

You have the ability to choose which workspace your meetings are routed to in the calendar, either on a per-event basis is or by changing the defaults for external and internal meetings in Notetaker Settings. These settings can be found by clicking through the small wheel on the upper right of your list of calendar entries.

Sharing Calls With Anyone Using Call-level Sharing

While workspace sharing is ideal for internal knowledge transfer, there may be times when you wish to share a call with individuals who are not registered as part of your organization in Hyperia. To do this, click the blue Share button at the top of the transcript page. This will generate a link to your entire call recording that can be accessed to those both inside and outside of your organization.

Be aware that sharing a transcript with call-level sharing provides access to the full notes, highlights, and video recordings of the call in question. Your recipients will be able to navigate the call data in the same way as a Hyperia user, although they will not be able to access data from other meetings.   If you’d like to provide access to only a section of the recording you will want to create and share a clip instead, while if you’d prefer your recipient only had access to the transcript you can export and send a text file.