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Sharing and Exporting Transcripts


Being able to share your calls with the outside world is an important part of Hyperia. There are two primary ways to share the entire call with someone who may not have a Hyperia account:

  • Using the share button to share the entire recording, complete with notes and transcripts

  • Exporting txt, srt, or MP4 and using your preferred method of file transfer

Sharing Calls With Team Members via Workspaces

When you click the share button (on the upper right of your call recording page), Hyperia will click a link that anyone can view. You can send this link in a chat, email, or share with anyone you like: they will be able to view the call, transcript and highlights without logging in.  This is the easiest way to share your calls and provides a full-featured experience to those who you’d like to share the info with.

Exporting Transcripts and Videos

To export from your call, click on the three dots to the right of the blue Share button. In the pop-up dialogue, choose Text (txt), Subtitles (srt), or Video (MP4). Your chosen file will immediately begin to download, and can be shared as an email attachment, through a sharing service such as Dropbox, or by file transfer.