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Call Recap Notifications


After a meeting is completed Hyperia sends out a call recap. This message is a quick summary of the meeting that has just taken place and includes a short TLDR, a list of who attended, and a timestamped summary of what happened during the meeting or conversation. If the recipient is a Hyperia member, this summary will be linked to the actual recording and transcript. 

You are in control of who receives these post-meeting summaries and can choose to receive a shortened version in Slack as well as by email.

Controlling Who Gets Your Post-meeting Summaries

When you set up your account you’ll be asked to choose who receives post-meeting summaries, but you can also change this later in your settings. To do this, click on your profile picture in the far upper right of your Hyperia screen and select Notification Settings in the drop-down menu. 

In the Notification Settings page you have the option to turn email notifications on or off, and if an organization admin has set it up, you’ll also have a toggle to choose to receive notifications via Slack DMs. If your account is not set up for Slack this option will be grayed out. 

Once you’ve chosen to receive email notifications you will also be able to choose who gets the call recaps for scheduled meetings. There are four options in this drop-down menu: just me, internal participants on calendar invite, everyone on calendar invite, or nobody (don’t send).

The default setting is to send these call recaps to everyone on the calendar invite, but if you’d like the messages going only to yourself or just to team members it is easy to change.

For ad hoc meeting recordings that were not scheduled in your calendar Hyperia has no list of attendees to send the recap to, so you have just two options: just me or don’t send.

Getting Post-meeting Summaries via Slack

To set up Slack messages, you will need to have an organization admin integrate Slack via the integrations page. If you are an organization admin, you can do this yourself by clicking on your profile picture in the far right corner of the screen, and choosing Organization Settings in the drop-down menu. In the ensuing screen click the Integrations tab and integrate your organization’s Slack account. 

Once this is done Slack notifications will be enabled for all team members whose Hyperia emails match the emails used in Slack, and they’ll be able to opt in or out of Slack call recaps in their own Notification Settings page.