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Comment Threads

Commenting is a great way to collaborate with your team. It’s similar to creating a clip in that you have the opportunity to share a chosen snippet from the conversation, but it takes the collaboration further by allowing you to write down your thoughts and have a back-and-forth conversation with a team member about the recording.

Commenting in Hyperia is easy, intuitive, and versatile, and will soon be on of your favorite ways to share information that matters.

Creating Comments From The Call Viewer

To create a comment in the call viewer follow these two steps:

  1. Highlight the text related to your comment

  2. Click ‘comment’ in the popup option that will appear

This will initiate a comment popup where you can write your comment. Use the symbol @ to bring up the name of team members you may want to notify, and categorize the comment with a relevant topic by using the tag comment just under the comment’s text field. 

You can also adjust the size of the clip attached to your comment either in the sidebar to the right of your transcript or in the timeline below by simply extending the end of the colored bar.

Creating a Clip from a comment

Click on a comment and select Share to generate a link that allows you to share the relevant clip to anyone, either inside or outside your organization’s Hyperia account. When viewed from the link this clip will include the original comment as a description under the video, but will not include any other replies in the comment thread.

Viewing Comments in the Call Viewer

To view the comment thread click on the speech bubble on the upper right of your call viewer. This will open up a full comment list, where you can see all comments that have been added to the transcript. Click on any comment to view the comment thread, which includes both the initial comment and any replies which were added to it. 

Each comment is linked to a video clip and also includes an embedded audio clip that you can use to listen to the section of the call that was marked. Within the comment thread you have the option to reply to a comment inline or use the grey View Recording link at the bottom of the thread to jump back to the recording and check what is being shared before responding.

Viewing Comments in the Timeline

Comments on a recording will show up in the timeline as small speech bubbles. To view these comments, simply click on the speech bubble and the comment will pop out in a small window just above the timeline. If you’d like to reply or view the entire thread, click on those links and the comment thread will open in comment thread column to the right of your transcript.

Replying to Comments via the Call Viewer

You can reply to a comment either within the transcript or in the comment sidebar which pops up when you click the speech bubble on the upper right of your screen. 

Either way, you’ll want to click the grey Reply just underneath the comment, next to a light grey speech bubble. When replying you will have the option to add tags or to notify team members of your comment by adding a mention (include a team members username beginning with @).

Replying to Comments via the Activity Feed

If you’re mentioned in a comment it will show up in your Notifications, but any comment on your recordings will also show up in the Activity Feed on your Hyperia home page.  You’ll see the name of the recording and the full comment, and if you click on that comment you will be taken straight to the relevant point in the transcript in your call view.

Email and Slack Notification

Not only do new comments show up in your Activity Feed and Notifications, comments in which you are mentioned also trigger an email and a Slack DM if you’ve connected your email and Slack accounts. Look for an email from your Hyperia notetaker with the name of the recording,  a summary of the clipped conversation, and the actual comment, as well as a link to the actual transcript in your Hyperia account. Your Slack DM should have identical information. 

If you’re not getting these notifications, check to make sure your email is included in your Hyperia profile and your Slack account is integrated.