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Sharing Clips From Your Meetings

Sharing clips in Hyperia is a great way to transfer information. Rather than work with unwieldy large blocks of data, our clip sharing functionality allows you to clip and share just the moments that matter.  

Use a power search or Hyperia’s autogenerated call highlights to locate the segment of the transcript you’d like to forward, then create a custom clip and share with your team members within Hyperia. If your target audience is outside your organization, generate a link to make that key moment accessible to people anywhere.

Sharing a clip from the transcript viewer

There are three simple ways to create and share a clip from the transcript viewer.  If you’d like an initiate a clip at the current point in playback, simply click the blue Create Clip button on the top right of the transcript. 

You can also highlight any text in the transcript, and you’ll see a popup with two options: Clip or Comment. Choose Clip, and the clip will immediately be initiated.

The third way to make a clip begins with a comment, which you can have made at any point previously through a highlight. Click on your comment, and you’ll see a light gray  Share underneath your comment. Clicking through this will generate a clip and give you a link that is able to be shared with anyone both inside or outside of your organization.

The newly generated link will be available in the future within your comment, which can be found at the key point in your transcript or by clicking on the speech bubble at the top right of your screen, just to the right of the Create Clip and Share buttons. 

After you’ve initiated a clip with any of the above methods,  you will have the option to adjust the clip size using the toggles in the transcript or timeline. Do your fine tuning in the transcript, or use the time line to select larger segments.

Viewing and interacting with shared clips

Once you’ve created and shared a clip it will continue to be available through the same auto-generated link, which you can find by viewing the comment or relevant point in your transcript. 

This link can be visited by anyone who receives it. It will open to a dedicated page containing only the specified clip within Hyperia’s state of the art media player. Hotkeys are all functional, as are all the other helpful features you’ve learned to use while playing back recordings within Hyperia.  Volume, playback speed, captions, and view can be easily adjustable within the clip player. 

Clicking on the small chain in the upper right of your playback screen will copy the video link to your clipboard.