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Hyperia AI Notetaker

Getting Started

Hyperia is an AI notetaker that records, transcribes and summarizes your business conversations to help you find the moments that matter so that you don’t forget what you want to remember.

Implementing Hyperia is as simple as connecting your calendar, then telling your AI notetaker what meetings you’d like it to attend. You can do this one by one or through bulk actions, selecting meetings by category. For instance, you might want to ask Hyperia to attend all external meetings, or perhaps just internal planning meetups and not informal meetings or stand-up calls. 

You’ll be able to access recordings of all the calls your assistant has attended by going to ‘my recordings’ or the specific repository you’ve assigned them to. Your call logs will contain not only recordings with several playback options, but also transcripts, highlights, and an in-depth conversational timeline. You’ll be able to search your meeting minutes, locating the exact moments that key topics were discussed, and pull up video of that given point. 

Browse through this documentation for more information on how to organize your calls, how to link your calendar, and how to use the app in more detail. Have fun with it! Remember, your personal AI notetaker is only a few clicks away.

Connecting your calendar is the first big step toward getting your conversations recorded.  Once your calendar is connected we sync all your calendar events, and you’ll be able to choose which meetings you’d like to have the Notetaker join automatically.

As a new user you’ll connect your first calendar in Quick Start Setup. It’s a simple two-step process: select Connect Google Calendar or Connect Outlook Calendar, as appropriate, then, on the next screen, choose the calendars you’d like to have synced.

Once you’ve chosen your calendar you go on to step 2: determining which calls you’d like to have attended by your notetaker. The initial choice, external or internal meetings, allows you to make a blanket decision on which calls you’d like notes for: those within your organization or with individuals from outside. If you’re not sure, don’t worry: you’ll be able to make this decision again, as well as select or deselect individual calendar meetings, at a later time. 

Click continue to be brought to your Hyperia homepage. Syncing your calendar does take a moment, so grab a cup of tea or take a thirty-second stretch break.  When you’re back at your seat, choose ‘calendar’ from the upper left menu. This will bring up a list of all the meetings and calls on your calendar, and you’ll be able to see at a glance which will be joined and recorded by your notetaker and which are set to be skipped. 

The blue or gray switch at the far right of each calendar entry can be toggled to invite or disinvite your notetaker to specific meetings. Blue designates meetings your notetaker is scheduled to attend, while a grayed out switch means the meeting will be skipped. 

Set your recording preferences

If you are no longer in setup mode but would like to connect a new calendar, remove a linked calendar, or switch your linked calendar, all you need to do is go to integrations.  This can be found under settings, and is reached through clicking on your round profile circle on the upper right of your screen. 

Create a Workspace

Workspaces are Hyperia’s way of categorizing your recordings. As a new user,  all your recordings will go to a My Recordings workspace by default. Think of this as a folder containing all of your call notes. 

To start a new workspace, click through + Add workspaces at the end of the menu on your left.  In the next screen you’ll have the ability to choose between a general workspace, sales workspace, hiring workspace, or even a workplace with no presets. If you’re not sure which to choose,  general is always a good option! 

The subsequent screen enables you to choose a name for your workspace and, if desired, a description. Then your new workspace is ready to go! You’ll see it listed just above +Add a Workspace in that side menu. 

Now you can choose which calls from your calendar you’d like to have saved in this workspace, or, by clicking the wheel in the upper right of your screen, just above the calendar list, you can even choose to make this workspace your new default.  

Once you’ve created a workspace you can also invite coworkers to view, comment on, or collaborate on your calls within that space.

Invite your team

Hyperia is all about collaboration, and inviting your team is super easy. Team members you have invited will have access to the workspaces you choose, and can collaborate with you from within the app and leave comments or participate in discussion.  
Use the link on the bottom right of your screen, Invite Members, to invite coworkers to Hyperia and your workspaces.  Email addresses are all that is needed to send the invitation; after you’ve done that, you’ll have the ability to select the role you want each invitee to take, as well as choose which workspaces you’d like them to be part of.

Share a clip

Sharing a clip from your meeting allows you to collaborate with your team on a new level. Rather than summarizing what was said in meetings or phone conversations, draw up a clip that illustrates exactly what your team needs to hear.  

While on your transcript, locate the segment you want to share. You might do this by selecting a topic of interest in highlights, or by using Hyperia’s artificial intelligence based search function. For instance, if you wanted to let your developers know about bugs in your software, you might choose to search for ‘something broken”. This would call up all instances in the transcript where something that is broken, buggy, or simply not working is discussed.

Once you’ve located the point in your transcript you would like to share, highlight relevant text and right click, then choose Clip. The segment will be highlighted both  in the timeline below your transcript as well as in the transcript itself, to the right of your screen. Finetune within the transcript, or if you’d like a longer clip select the segment you want clipped in the timeline below. When you click Post a link will be generated, and can be shared with anyone whether or not they are Hyperia users. This link will display only the chosen video segment, and the rest of your call will remain private.