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Configuring the Notetaker


Your Hyperia notetaker was built to be infinitely flexible. Invite your notetaker to every meeting on your calendar, or choose just one or two you’d like to have recorded. Decide where to save your meetings, and who has access to the records.  Configuring your notetaker is intuitive and straightforward, and even easier than assigning tasks to a non-virtual assistant.

Controlling which meetings are recorded

Once you’ve synced your calendar, you’ll be able to control which meetings are recorded through your calendar page within Hyperia. To the right of each calendar item is a toggle where you can switch recording off and on for individual meetings. Just above the list, also to the right, you’ll see two more toggles where you can make a more categorical change: inviting the notetaker to attend (or skip) all internal or external meetings. 

Internal meetings include all meetings with only members of your organization; external meetings refer to meetings with people outside your organization.  

After choosing your default for external and internal meetings, you can override that setting with the individual switches next to each calendar item. If you’d like to set up rules for specific attendees or keywords, follow this three-step procedure:

Step 1: Click on the small setting wheel just above your list of calendar meetings, on the upper right. If you’re having difficulty finding it, it’s just below the large blue “Invite with a Link” button. 

Step 2: Under external meetings, click Advanced Settings. If you’ve defaulted external meetings off, under Inclusions is where you want to type keywords for meetings you’d like the notetaker to attend anyway. If the notetaker is attending most meetings, place keywords in the  Exclusions list to let the notetaker know which meetings you want to be skipped. Note all keywords are case sensitive. 

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 under Internal Meetings, if you’d like to fine-tune that as well.

Step 4: Click Save, and you’ll be returned to your calendar front page where you can view the changes you’ve made in your recording settings. 

For instance, if you wanted the notetaker to exclude all 1-on-1 meetings but include all other calls with your team you would visit the notetaker settings and set the Internal Meetings toggle to on. Under Advanced Options and in the Exclusion field write 1-on1 – or, if you’ve used uppercase or abbreviations in your calendar, do the same in this field. 

After setting up your new rules you’ll be able to see at a glance which meetings will be recorded and which not by looking at the toggles on each of your calendar entries. Again, you can override the rules for individual meetings by toggling the switch on the meeting you’d like an exception for. 

Saving meetings to the right workspace

Saving meetings to the right workspace is important as it allows you to organize your ever-growing database of call information as well as automatically share this information as desired. By default your recordings will be saved in a generic private workspace labeled ‘My recordings’, but it is easy to customize that.  There are two places where you can configure meeting settings:

1. In the Calendar, using the drop-down select option in each meeting listing. 

2. Under Notetaker Settings, which you can access via the small wheel on the upper right of your calendar list. 

Changing the location you’d like a recording saved to on a one-by-one basis on the calendar is simple and intuitive. Using notetaker settings to manage your entire calendar is also easy once you know the steps. To set a new default for all your internal meetings, all your external meetings, or both internal and external meetings, you want to:

Step 1: Open up your notetaker settings, which you can access through the small setting wheel just above your list of calendar events, on the far right.

Step 2:  Choose a new default workspace where you’d like to save your recordings,


Click Advanced Settings under Internal Meetings and External Meetings, and choose the workspace where you’d like your internal and external meetings saved. 

Step 3. Click Save on your notetaker settings. The changes will take place immediately, but you may need to refresh your browser to see them.

Joining meetings not on your calendar

Maybe you have an ad hoc meeting, and you realize just as you’re sitting down and getting your microphone turned on that you’d like to have a record of this. No problem; all you need to do is invite your notetaker to attend with a link and password.

To invite your notetaker, follow this three-step procedure:

1. On your Hyperia calendar page, click the blue Invite Notetaker with a Link button just above your list of calendar items on the right-hand side of your page. 

2. Input your meeting link and password. By default, the notetaker will identify itself as Hyperia Notetaker. If you’d like it to introduce itself by another name, input your custom notetaker name in the last field in this pop-up window. 

3. Click Start Recording, and the notetaker will join your meeting in about a minute.

That’s all there is to it! When your notetaker joins your meeting you’ll see it pop up as a new attendee, and it will send a short informational message in your meeting chat, identifying itself and letting everyone know the meeting will be recorded. 

Turning automatic recording off

If you’ve decided you prefer inviting the notetaker on a case-by-case basis rather than having it attend scheduled meetings, you’ll want to turn automatic recording off. This is easy to do, and while there’s no ‘undo’ function it’s also easy to set it up again when you want to go back to recording on schedule.

Turning your notetaker’s automatic recording feature off is as simple as changing the toggle for both Join Internal and Join External to off.  You’ll find this on your calendar page just above your list of meetings on the right side. When you want to record again, all you need to do is turn this same toggle back on. 

If you’ve done an override of general settings to ask the notetaker to attend specific meetings, these will still be scheduled. Glance through your calendar to ensure everything you want off is off, and flick the toggle of any undesired meetings that are still set to record.