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How Do I Disable the AI Notetaker?

There are three easy ways to disable the notetaker.  At the right of your calendar page, under the blue Invite Notetaker with a Link button, you’ll see a text link labeled Invite Notetaker to: All calendar events with a web-conferencing link. Clicking this option calls up a drop down menu where you can choose what meetings you’d like your notetaker to be invited to, and the last option reads Don’t join– I’ll invite the notetaker to each meeting. Choosing this final option disables any automatic action by the notetaker. 

You can access this same setting by clicking on the small settings wheel just under the blue Invite Notetaker button. 

An alternate way to disable your notetaker is simply to disconnect your calendar. Do this by clicking on your profile picture in the top right of the screen, then select Integrations from the drop down menu.  Select Disconnect next to your calendar, and your notetaker will be disabled from automatic action until you reconnect.