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How Do I Send My Meetings to a Shared Workspace?

The simplest way to send recordings to a shared workspace is to set up call routing before the call. You can do this in your calendar, by selecting the workspace you’d like your call to be routed to in the center column of each individual calendar entry. You can also set up where calls get saved automatically by visiting Notetaker settings, accessible through the small settings wheel on the upper right of your calendar list.

Sometimes you may decide you want to send a recording to a shared workspace after the recording is made. You can do this by drag and dropping the recording from its current workspace to the workspace you’d like it to move to. For instance, if your recording is currently saved under My recordings you will visit that workspace, then drag and drop the recording you want to share into the shared workspace listed on your left. 

If you have more than one recording you want to move or you don’t want to drag and drop use bulk actions to send your recordings to your shared workspace. Select the recordings you’d like to move by clicking the square just to the left of each recording name, then click the Move to workspace link that will have appeared just above your list of recordings. A dialog box will pop up, enabling you to choose which workspace you’d like the selected meetings to move to.