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Why Didn't My Meeting Get Captured?

If you’ve just ended your meeting and noticed a No recording found note where you expected to find a link to the recording in your calendar, don’t panic! Hyperia’s notetaker is more efficient than a human notetaker, but it does take time to process your recordings.

When you finish a recording it will take your notetaker a few minutes to get your recording queued for processing. When that happens, you’ll see a notification bar in the workspace you’ve assigned to that recording. If you’ve forgotten which workspace you’ve assigned your recording to, just check in your calendar.

This notification bar will be located at the top of your workspace, just under the workspace name. It’ll include the name and time of your meeting, as well as the status of your recording. When processing is finished, that bar will disappear and you’ll be able to see your recording both in your workspace and in any relevant calendars. 

The amount of time a recording takes depends on the time of day and how many other recordings are in queue. Peak times will be a little slower, and early mornings or later at night will see faster processing.