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Record, transcribe and analyze your interviews

Conversational Intelligence for your ATS

Enable a data-driven hiring process with an AI assistant that guides interviewers and integrates post-interview insights into your ATS.

Realtime Insights

Realtime Interview Checklist

Insure your interviews follow the same structure with a question check list that maintains consistency across candidates.
- Smart checklists of questions that make sure interviewers follow a consistent structure without sounding unnatural
- AI Highlights questions and responses for searchability
- Eliminate bias by asking all candidates the same questions

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Annotate and Integrate

Send candidate strengths to your ATS

Automatically post interview highlights and summaries into your applicant tracking system. No more filling out scorecards, use clips as evidence in your ATS scorecards and let the entire team hear the candidate's voice.

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Summaries and Profiles

Make hiring decisions with meaningful data

Hyperia summarizes all the interactions you've had with a candidate into an easy to read AI-generated candidate profile. See the topics discussed across interviews, review candidate questions and answers, see potential red flags, and more.

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