Record, transcribe and analyze your interviews

Hyperia Is Your AI Hiring Assistant

Hyperia is an AI assistant that captures, transcribes and analyzes your interviews and screening calls. Enable a data-driven hiring process with advanced natural language processing that identifies candidate questions and answers, summarizes interviews, and more.

A Ground Truth

Make hiring decisions with meaningful data

Hyperia summarizes all the interactions you've had with a candidate into an easy to read AI-generated candidate profile. See the topics discussed across interviews, review candidate questions and answers, see potential red flags, and more.

ATS Automation

Put the voice of the candidate in your ATS

Automatically post interview notes into your applicant tracking system, summarizing key points from candidate interviews. No more filling out reports, use clips as evidence in your ATS scorecards and let the entire team hear the candidate's voice.

Interview Consistency

Insure your interviews follow the same structure

Enable a more consistent hiring process using conversational data. Evaluate interview flow, see questions asked and answered. Conversational analytics ensures candidates are treated fairly and interviews run smoothly.

New Hire Onboarding

Ramp new hires in days not months

Transform your company's calls and meetings into a searchable knowledge base, providing new hires with first-hand knowledge of client interactions and the ability to quickly gain institutional knowledge. Commenting, clipping, and playlist features simplify employee training and ease knowledge transfer.

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