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AI notetaker integrates with your calendar

Transcribe and Summarize Meetings on Your Google Calendar

Connect your Google Calendar to enable Hyperia to automatically join, capture, and transcribe your calls and meetings. You can easily control which meetings on your calendar you want Hyperia to attend and record.

About Hyperia

When you connect your Google Calendar to Hyperia, you unlock the ability to have calls and meetings with an available web conferencing link be automatically recorded, transcribed, summarized and knowledge-captured for your organization. Easily look back at your insights from your previous meetings.

About Google Calendar

Google calendar is a service that allows you to manage your meetings and appointments. It integrates with Google's own services like Maps, Drive, and Meet, but it also has the ability to work with other services like Zoom natively. It's available through your browser, Gmail, or via their phone app and it can be synced devices.


  • Hassle-free record of your meetings.

  • Obtain new insights for your or your company's goals and track them over time.

  • Build a knowledge base that relates to your day-to-day.

  • Generate summaries for all your meetings to revisit.

How It Works

To connect your calendar to Hyperia, you can visit your "My Integrations" page. There you can click "Connect" and select the account you want to use with Hyperia. When synced, your events will be available on the "Calendar" page in the left navigation bar.

You'll be able to see your previous and upcoming events, as well as select specific dates to filter down your events if you need to find a specific one. All past events will have an option to "View Recording" if that particular event was joined by Hyperia.

Getting Started is Easy

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