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Sync Google Drive files to Hyperia

Transcribe and Summarize Your Recordings in Google Drive

Recordings in Google Drive are automatically ingested into Hyperia with automatic AI transcription and meeting summaries, helping your team collaborate around the moments that matter.

About this Integration

Your recordings already live in Google Drive. Whether you record Google Meet calls or use it as your destination for other conferencing services, Google Drive is an easy way to manage your video meetings' record. With Zapier, you are now able to automatically upload those recordings to Hyperia for transcription and analysis without disrupting your workflow. This means you maintain secure access to all of your files to share, collaborate and ideate with your team. At the same time, your meeting recordings will be ingested by Hyperia using this Zap to start building your knowledge base.

About Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage solution for both individuals and businesses. It integrates with several Google services and products, such as Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Meet. Features include file sharing, task lists, documents, and spreadsheets with built-in collaboration tools. Drive also pairs with Google Meet, automatically saving meetings recorded with Meet direct to Drive.


  • Remove the hassle of changing the way you record meetings.

  • Start capturing knowledge from meetings that are already being recorded, but not reviewed.

  • Obtain new insights for your own or your company's goals and track them over time.

  • Get a summarized versions of your calls that are easier to skim through.

How it Works

Zapier makes the way you connect your services easier than ever. By using the Zap, all you need is the following three steps, and you can ensure that all your meeting uploads will get captured by Hyperia:

  1. Select your Google Account and the folder where your calls will get uploaded.

  2. Sign In to your Hyperia account to upload files automatically. By default, your new ingests will show up in your My Recordings workspace.

  3. Give your Zap a name and turn it on to send Hyperia new uploads from your selected Google Drive folder.

Getting Started is Easy

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