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Automatic AI meeting minutes and call summaries

Transcribe and Summarize Google Meet Calls With Hyperia

The Hyperia AI meeting assistant will automatically join your Google Meet calls as your own personal AI notetaker. It transcribes and summarizes your interactions so you can focus on the conversation.

About Hyperia

Hyperia AI meeting assistant can automatically detect Google Meet links for meetings in your calendar and join them as a participant. This AI notetaker can record, transcribe, summarize, and create searchable knowledge from your company's conversations. You can also control which meetings you want the Notetaker to join by differentiating internal and external participants, or by simply excluding them by title.

About Google Meet

Google Meet is Google's videoconferencing solution that integrates with your Google Calendar. It allows you to create a room for any of your scheduled meetings and lets you join from their app on your smartphone or tablet, or from a web browser on your computer.


  • No need to remember to click "Record meeting".

  • Start capturing knowledge from meetings that are already being recorded, but not reviewed.

  • Remove the storage burden from your cloud provider.

  • Obtain new insights for your or your company's goals and track them over time.

How it Works

To allow Hyperia to record your meetings you'll first need to connect to your calendar (Google or Outlook) in your "My Integrations" page. On the same page, you will be able to configure your "Hyperia Call Bot" integration. Here you can name your AI Notetaker and turn it on to join supported links, including Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.

You can also give Hyperia more specific instructions as to which meetings you want to record and when you want your Notetaker in a meeting.

Additionally, filter out events by title from being recorded by your AI Notetaker.

Getting Started is Easy

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