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AI notetaker integrates with Slack

Share AI Meeting Insights Via Slack With Hyperia

Share calls, meetings, and customer insights in Hyperia with your team via Slack. You can mention people, receive notifications about your uploaded recordings, and keep a channel up-to-date on the latest key events in your Hyperia workspaces.

About Hyperia Notifications

With your Slack integration, you can share important moments in your calls to people and channels in your Slack workspace. Hyperia can also keep you up-to-date of any new calls in a workspace. Bring visibility of your knowledge base to your broader team. Highlight the important moments of the day's meetings and collaborate around them.

About Slack

Slack is a messaging app for teams, featuring messaging, document sharing, and integrations with other apps. It enables developers to build in-app chatbots that post in real time across multiple channels. Slack channels can also be used as a communication hub that show relevant work updates from different projects. This tool can be used for a variety of purposes, including team communication, a support channel, a marketing channel, and a customer-service channel.


  • Surface insights highlighted in the transcripts.

  • Initiate conversation around key events relevant to your team.

  • Bring light to your team's knowledge base.

  • Stay up-to-date with what goes on in the workspaces you care about.

How It Works

A Hyperia admin has to connect your Slack workspace to your organization under "Shared Integrations". To enable this integration, the user has to be both an admin in Hyperia and in your Slack workspace to allow access. Once set up, Slack notifications can be configured on a workspace-basis, or for each comment.

On an existing workspace, you can decide the destination Slack channel for notifications, and the kind of activity you would like to share.

When making comments, the workspace's settings are the default, but can be overridden when creating the comment.

Additionally, if your Hyperia organization already has a Slack integration connected, all new workspace creation will prompt you to configure your Slack notification settings as a last step.

Getting Started is Easy

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