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Automatic AI meeting minutes and call summaries

Transcribe and Summarize Zoom Calls With Hyperia

The Hyperia AI meeting assistant will automatically join your Zoom calls as your own personal AI notetaker. It transcribes and summarizes your interactions so you can focus on the conversation.

About Hyperia

The Hyperia AI meeting assistant can automatically detect Google Meet links for meetings in your calendar and join them as a participant. This AI notetaker can record, transcribe, summarize, and create searchable knowledge from your company's conversations. You can also control which meetings you want the Notetaker to join by differentiating internal and external participants, or by simply excluding them by title.

About Zoom

Zoom is a videoconferencing software that can be used to communicate via audio or video from an app, or by joining via your phone number. It also allows you to share your screen with the other people on the call. You can conduct group chats using the application to manage group discussions and additionally, you can use the application to conduct Zoom calls without the need for making an account. You can also record your calls using Zoom, and save them as mp4 files if you want to watch them again later on.

Hyperia AI Call Bot

Hyperia's AI call bot is capable of joining any Zoom call on your calendar as an AI notetaker, automatically recording, transcribing, and summarizing your calls and meetings on Zoom.

Hyperia Zapier Integration

Zapier is another way to ingest your meeting recordings in Hyperia. Combining both Zoom and Hyperia's Zapier integration to set up a Zap that will use Zoom's trigger for when a recording is ready and Hyperia's action to ingest a media file and automatically generate summaries and insights of your meetings.

About Zoom's Cloud Recording

Hyperia supports a native Zoom integration that can directly ingest meeting recordings when ready. Zoom's Cloud Recording will keep your media files on their storage by default and can be turned on manually, or set to record asll meetings by default.


  • Start capturing knowledge from meetings that are already being recorded, but not reviewed.

  • Obtain new insights for your or your company's goals and track them over time.

  • Transcribe all your meetings with highlights and insights automatically.

  • Never lose knowledge from your meetings.

How It Works

Hyperia Notetaker

To allow the Hyperia Notetaker to record your meetings you'll first need to connect to your calendar (Google or Outlook) in your "My Integrations" page. On the same page, you will be able to configure your "Hyperia Call Bot" integration. Here you can name your Notetaker and turn it on to join supported links, including Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.

You can also give the Notetaker more specific instructions as to which meetings you want to record and have your Notetaker in the meeting. Simply distinguish between meetings with people in your organization.

Additionally, filter out events by title from being recorded by your Notetaker.

Zoom Cloud Recording

To start ingesting your Zoom Cloud Recording meetings you'll first need to connect to the Zoom integration in your "My Integrations" page. By default, once connected, Hyperia will go through your existing Cloud Recordings and ingest the last 10 for you. You can also select the destination workspace in the "Integration Settings" page.

You can always change the destination of your recordings under settings. Zoom will send your new meetings to Hyperia as soon as their media is ready. Additionally, you can always see information about the connection on your destination workspace to make sure your connection is stable and up-to-date.

Getting Started is Easy

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