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For individuals getting started

  • Process up to 25 recordings

  • Invite up to 5 free users

  • 60 min max recording length

  • Collaborate in 2 team workspaces

What can you do?

  • Search and Playback Recordings
  • Highlight, Comment and Clip
  • Call bot automatically joins calls on your calendar

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For teams and organizations that want to automate tasks and collaborate

$14.99 per user/month $11.99 per user/month(-20%)

  • Process up to 30 recordings per user/month

  • 2 hrs 30 min max recording length

  • Collaborate in 5 team workspaces

Everything in Starter plus

  • Team and Private shared workspaces
  • Role specific automations and automated sharing
  • Contact Engagement, Team Analysis and Market Intelligence

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Free Free


$14.99 per user/month $11.99 per user/month


Automatic meeting recording
File or URL upload
Recordings 25 lifetime 30 per user/month
Max recording length 1 hr 2 hr 30 min
Recording storage duration 6 months 1 year
Recording bot name Hyperia Branded Custom


Audio and video playback
Synchronized word highlighting during Playback
Playback speeds 1X, 1.5X, 2X 1X, 1.5X, 2X
Search by keyword or topic
Advanced search by speaker, sentence Type, Sentence, Tag
Speaker separated timeline


Tagging and clipping
Share recording in a workspace
Comment, @mention with notifications
Label and group recordings
Filter recordings and save as a view
Team workspaces
Private workspaces


Custom AI auto-tagging rules
AI edit transcript text
Automatic labeling
Automatically move a file to a shared workspace
Role specific rule packs

AI Analytics

AI generated key events
Market intelligence tracking (Competitors, Feature Requests, etc.)
Speaker talk time and monologue detection
Contact analysis and engagement
Topic detail and trends
Screenshot capture
Sentence extraction (questions, tasks, opinion)
Sentence sentiment
Rep analysis


Calendar integration (Gcal, Outlook)
Zoom cloud integration
Slack integration
CRM integration (coming soon)


Free Free


$14.99 per user/month $11.99 per user/month

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