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No more meetings about meetings

Hyperia AI Meeting Assistant Overview

You no longer need to be in every meeting. Hyperia is an AI assistant that captures, transcribes, summarizes, and indexes your calls and meetings into a searchable knowledge base. Enable effortless knowledge transfer with conversational intelligence that keeps you up to speed on key events and decisions.

AI automatic note taking

Hyperia's AI note taker records your calls and meetings, transcribing and summarizing conversations into easy-to-read meeting minutes. Action items and other key events are automatically identified using advanced natural language processing.

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No more meetings about meetings

Hyperia enables team collaboration with integrated commenting, clip sharing, playlists, and more. Refer back to previous conversations, mine customer interactions, and share knowledge. Integrates with your favorite SaaS tools including Slack.

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Conversational analytics finds what matters

Hyperia's AI engine goes way beyond simple call recording and transcription. Summarization, topic clustering, monologue detection, and sentiment analysis enable the important moments to be pulled from any call or meeting.

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Rules and automations enable productivity

Rules and automations enable you to automatically flag specific topics, competitors, or key events customized to your needs. Redact sensitive information, setup alerts to be notified when specific things happen, automatically file and organize your calls and meetings, and more.

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See how Hyperia protects your meeting and conversational data, and the efforts we take to prioritize data security best practices.

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