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Project Management

AI Assistant to Help Manage Your Projects

Stay focused on the project and align your team with searchable transcripts, actions and commitments sent to your task manager, shareable clips, call summaries, and meeting highlights.

AI Assistant for Project Management

Capture your client needs

Track a list of action items, decisions, and other critical events in realtime as they occur on the call.

Keep your team aligned with video clips

No more meetings about meetings; seamless knowledge transfer with comments, clips, and playlists. Integrates with Slack and other popular tools.

Integrate conversation data into your apps

Any connection is possible ... send action items to your task manager, KPIs to your BI tools, call summaries to your CRM, generate email reports, SMS alerts, and more.

Realtime Highlights

Actionable Meeting Intelligence in Realtime

- Hyperia's AI highlights the most critical moments in real-time, providing visual feedback of action items, decisions, risks and more
- Combine out-of-the-box highlights such as action items and decisions with fully customized annotations to track the most pertinent events

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Clip Sharing

Share clips directly from the voice of the customer

Highlight and clip content from the primary source to share with your team. Clip sharing and playback makes it easy to collaborate around important moments in your calls and meetings.

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Search and Discovery

Find the Moment You Are Looking for with Powerful Search

Advanced search enables you to easily explore your transcribed conversations
- Explore by topic, speaker, positive or negative sentiment, and more.
- NLP that identifies questions, concerns, suggestions, enabling you to mine insights from your calls and meetings.
- Discover new points of interest with co-occurring topics

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Getting Started is Easy

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