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Helping Companies Keep Conversations on Track

Realtime AI Assistant for your calls an meetings

Make meetings more productive and guide your reps with a real-time AI Assistant on your calls and meetings.

Realtime Transcription and Insights

Guide calls with an AI Assistant

Use automated checklists that update in real time to help reps stay on track and say the right thing in client calls and meetings.

Make meetings more productive

Track a list of action items, decisions, and other critical events in realtime as they occur on the call.

Enable live captions

Make meetings accessible and easy to review with realtime call transcription.

Agent Assist

Help Reps Get Up to Speed With Consistent Talk Tracks

- Guide reps with talk track checklists and agendas
- Alerts and support for moments that require escalation
- Identify coachable moments and measure improvement over time

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Coaching and Onboarding

Ramp Onboarding and the Buyer's Journey

- Reduce ramp time and with situational playlists
- Smart checklists that help reps stay on track
- Helpful prompts that guide reps on how to respond to challenges

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For Video Conferencing and Voice Platforms

Enable Live Captions and Insights

- Realtime captions, topics, and highlights
- Post-call summaries and insights
- Powerful Search and Discovery
- Screen-share analysis

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