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Coaching and Onboarding

Ramp New Hires Faster and Scale Your Coaching Efforts

Use clips playlists from real situations to disseminate best practices across your team. Leverage call scoring and highlights to identify coachable moments that take reps to the next level.

AI Assistant for Rep Coaching and Onboarding

Guide Reps

Provide reps and agents with smart checklists and helpful prompts that help keep messaging focused and relevant.

Measure improvement over time

Use conversational analytics to understand performance and trends for each client facing employee

Help reps stay productive and prepared

Automatically update CRMs and help reps stay prepared for any meeting with conversation highlights and account-level summaries

Realtime Insights

Realtime Rep Guidance

Streaming audio to call transcripts and automated annotations
- Smart checklists that help reps stay on track
- Helpful prompts that guide reps on how to respond to challenges

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Call Scoring and Analysis

Score calls and Identify Areas of Improvement

Use the AI enrichment stack and call metadata to automate call scorecards, track KPIs over time, launch and measure strategic initiatives, and identify risk.

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Conversational Analytics

Conversational analytics that highlight key events and topics

- Analyze rep talk time, longest monologue, topics covered, screens shared, and the number of calls per week.
- Convert automated annotations into call scorecards to help understand where you need to look.
- Look across reps to see what's working and where to improve.

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Customer Playlists

Share Best Practices and Memorable Moments

Build shared repositories of customer questions, product features, memorable rep interactions, and areas for improvement.

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Getting Started is Easy

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