Search and Explore Your Conversations

Hyperia is a smart AI meeting assistant that transcribes and summarizes your calls and meetings, making them searchable. It transforms recorded meetings into a browsable Wikipedia-style knowledge base. Easily refer back to previous conversations, explore topics and decisions, read automatically summarized meeting minutes, and more.

Voice analytics tells you what happened

See the highlights of any meeting with automatic extraction of key events, topics mentioned, participant talk time, longest monologues and more. Advanced natural language processing sifts through your transcribed calls and meetings to highlight the most important moments.

Uncover insights with conversation search

Advanced search enable you to easily explore your transcribed conversations. Explore by topic, speaker, positive or negative sentiment, and more. Hyperia's natural language processing identifies questions, facts, concerns, suggestions, enabling you to mine insights from your calls and meetings. Find customer feedback, feature suggestions, and product concerns.

Skim automatic meeting minutes

More than a meeting transcription and video playback. Hyperia generates automatic meeting minutes, summarizing and condensing conversation details into a format you can easily read. Get up to speed on what happened in any call in minutes.

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